DSC03975DSC03605A message from our Athletic Director

Dear SLHS Saints Family,

It is a tremendous honor to be writing to you as the new Athletic Director at Seattle Lutheran High School. The school year is right around the corner and I am excited about what our program can accomplish this year. Saint teams have enjoyed great success in the past including numerous league titles and state championships and we look forward to continuing the school’s tradition of success. The program’s many achievements are, in great part, thanks to you and your past support of our student athletes. I am committed to continuing and building upon the excellence that has been established in the SLHS athletic program.

I want all our athletic teams to be absolutely excellent in every regard, but never straying from our main goal which is proclaiming Christ in everything we do. We have developed our core values to remind us of what athletics is all about.
core values

Staying true to our values is our foremost goal. As we strive to practice and implement these characteristics it will no doubt lead our programs to excellence. I am looking forward to all our teams enjoying great success this year and years to come.


Go Saints,

Dave Sleighter – Athletic Director



DSC03944A Message from our Head of School
Athletics are a terrific way for all of us to glorify the gifts God has given. Having been involved with coaching for over 22 years, and under­standing the lessons acquired in sports participation, my appreciation for the many skills needed for competition is immense. One of the most important lessons learned by student athletes is to take a risk without fear of failure. This is an important life lesson, because it’s how we grow.

At Seattle Lutheran High School we encourage our students to embrace chal­lenge on the field and in the classroom. God is great and has blessed us all with many talents and gifts; it’s our school’s job to help our students recognize and utilize their talents and gifts.

Thank you for supporting our student athletes.

Go Saints!!

Dave Meyer – Executive Director