Parent Association

Fall Athletic DinnerThe Parent Association is comprised of parents and other supporters of Seattle Lutheran High School and St. Christopher’s Academy. Its mission is to support the school and to enhance the educational experience of students by enriching the quality of the school community.

The Parent Association carries out this mission by:

  • Helping plan and facilitate various school events.
  • Helping support parents of SLHS & SCA to become one in community.
  • Providing support/volunteers to help with events and projects.
  • Providing refreshments for various school events.
  • Raising funds to help finance programs, events, or needs.
  • Supporting our hard-working faculty by assisting with the funding of professional development or materials needed for the enhancement of classroom instruction.
  • Coordinating Staff Appreciation activities.
  • Assisting the school in communication with families regarding news, events, and needs.
  • Supporting new families with orientation to the school community.
  • Providing opportunities and programs that support and strengthen the school community.

All parents or guardians of SLHS and SCA students are members of the Seattle Lutheran High School Parent Association. There are no membership dues. Grandparents, alumni families, and other members of the SLHS community are welcome to participate in our mission.

The PA is selling pies this year to raise funds. Click here to order your delicious Plush Pippin Pie!

The PA created the SLHS Parent Handbook 2015-16 to help you know what to expect and how to help at SLHS.

The Parent Association is led by an Executive Board that consists of four officers, three or four elected representatives from each SLHS class, one elected representative from St. Christopher’s Academy, and at least one faculty adviser.

For information about how you can become involved in the Parent Association, contact PA President Tim Fay.

The PA Executive Board Members are:               Class Representatives are:

President, Tim Fay                                                  Senior Class: Laura Ehret and Cynthia Fay                          Vice President, Molly Schuehle                             Junior Class: Michele Olson and Cindy Glavin
Secretary, April Miller                                            Sophomore Class: Amy Crawford and Tami Clark
Treasurer, Cindy McFeely                                     Freshman Class: Kelly Hammond and Lisa West                                                                                    St. Christopher Academy: needed

To contact Board Members or Class Representatives, please click on their name above to send an email. If you would like to volunteer for a position, please contact Tim Fay