SeaBot Robotic Team

SeaBot Robotic TeamSeaBot team 2014

Seattle Lutheran High School Robotics Team, one of the oldest continually active teams in the state – Team SeaBot – spends their spare time building and programming their robot for competitions in the Pacific Northwest. Beginning in January each year, they are led by Mr.Norton and a cadre of dedicated volunteers who help the students with the marketing, programming, and building teams and the human plaDSCN0915yers who control the robot during competition.  Team SeaBot enjoys success at competitions, earning final-round seats at each competition.

Team SeaBot thanks their faithful 2015 volunteers: Wade Hasbrouk who for eleven years has helped our team learn programming, Larry Ryan who for ten years has taught the team all about electronics, Michael Yoder who for three years has worked with the team on 3-D design, “Papa Dan” Sweet machinist extraordinaire and Tyler Andrews ’13 driving and mechanical mentor, for supporting our 20 robotic students in their010_10 endeavors.

If you missed the event and want to make a gift to the Robotic Team to help defray the cost of competitions, please visit our giving page.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Robotic Team, please contact Jeff Norton, Robotic Team Advisor, or call 206.937.7722 for more information.