Mission Statement


Seattle Lutheran High School provides a Christ-centered and student-focused environment that equips young people in their educational and spiritual journeys to be servant-leaders in the world.

This Mission Statement was adopted by the Board of Directors  on January 24, 2013. To see the letter from the Board of Directors regarding the Mission, please click here.



 It’s Personal

Our school tagline “It’s Personal” was created with help from students, alumni and parents to describe the overall experience at SLHS. “It’s Personal” is about our ability to provide SLHS students personalized, one-on-one daily attention, greater opportunity to be an active part of athletics or social clubs they may not get at a larger school, a personal relationship with Christ and personal development with dynamic teachers for a better educational experience.

One person can make a difference.Soccer gals at Fall dinner

You’ll get noticed.

We educate you, the student.

You can try out for the team and be a part of a club.

You can be yourself.

At Seattle Lutheran High School, education is personal.