Welcome to Seattle Lutheran High School! We are accepting applications for Fall 2022. See below to learn more about joining the Saints family.

Admissions Process:

  1. Student and Parent Tours -We enjoy showing students and families around our West Seattle campus, and we are happy to finally be able to schedule appointments for students and parents to tour the campus.  To schedule a tour please contact Sally Heit, Admissions Director or fill out the form below.
  2. Application – All applicants must submit an online application, including an application fee of $50 which will be invoiced upon submittal.
  3. Evaluation Forms – Download the Math and English forms and give it to the current math and English teacher, who will mail it directly to SLHS.
  4. Transcript Request Form – Applicants submit the Principal Form to the principal’s office. Make sure the principal form is signed by a parent so transcripts can be sent to SLHS.
  5. Student Questionnaire – Each applicant must complete the Student Questionnaire.
  6. Entrance Exam – All accepted students are required to take a math entrance assessment provided by SLHS unless you are transferring from another high school. Click here to register for the math entrance exam.
  7. Family Interview – After receiving your application, transcripts, and testing results, an interview with the applicant and parents is scheduled the admissions team. Application decisions are made in February and decision letters are sent to each applicant. A student is enrolled after the tuition contract is returned and the registration fee is received by the school.

All application materials and questions should be directed to:

Sally Heit, Admissions Director
4100 SW Genesee Street
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 937-7722

Interested in learning more about Seattle Lutheran? Fill out the form below and the admissions director will contact you.

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