There are 1,280 alumni of Seattle Lutheran High School. We welcome Saint Alumni back to SLHS for athletic events, student concerts and plays, special events through the years and, of course, to visit their former teachers. If you need a copy of your SLHS transcript or contact information for your next class reunion we are happy to help you. Please contact the school for any information you may need.

Below are a few of our distinguished alumni. Please let us know what you are up to, we’d love to add you to this list!

Doug Fullington ’86

Doug is the Education Programs Manager and Assistant to the Artistic Director for the Pacific Northwest Ballet. He is a fluent reader of Stepanov notation, a classical ballet notation system. Doug is also the founder of the Tudor Choir, a professional vocal ensemble.

Jeff Jensen ’8834 (1)

Novelist, comic book writer and Entertainment Weekly critic, Jeff is a screenwriter for Walt Disney and an Eisner Award recipient.

Michael Godsey, Ph.D ’88

A professor of Chemistry at Concordia University, Michael’s research interests include structural genomics and the structural biology of neurotranspoters.

Jennifer Damm Best, M.D. ’89

Jennifer is an associate professor of medicine at UW and two time recipient of the Resident Excellence in Teaching Award. She’s also been honored as Clinician Educator of the Year by the NW Region of the Society for General Internal Medicine.

Jill Cook, M.D., F.A.A.P. ’97IMG_4114

Jill is a pediatric hospitalist with two cum laude honors to her name. She was awarded a distinction in community service. Jill is an Assistant Chief Resident at Seattle Children’s Hospital and a member of the Jet City Rollergirls League.