Gym Re-Opening/Safety Plan

Re-Opening Saints Gym

Return to Play Safety Plan

October 2020


County benchmarks will be used to determine which sports or activities are recommended to take place based on COVID-19 activity in the county. WIAA “Return to Play” guidelines and NFHS guidance for phased activity will be maintained. The three tiers indicate low, moderate, or high risk and allow for varying levels of participation:

HIGH >75 cases/100K/14 days OR >5% positivity (NFHS Phase 2)
    • Team practices and/or training can resume for low, medium, and high-risk sports if players are limited to groups of six in separate parts of the court and separated by a buffer zone. Brief, close contact (e.g. 3-on-3 drills) is permitted. It is preferable for the groups of six to be stable over time. Attendance rosters should include group contact information. Each league, organization, or club must publish and follow a “return to play” safety plan. Any practice or training activities that can be done outdoors should be done outdoors.
• Scrimmage, intra-team competitions, and league games or competition allowed for low-risk sports, but are discouraged if the school is not conducting some in-person learning.

MODERATE >25-75 cases/100K/14 days AND <5% positivity (NFHS Phase 3)
• Scrimmage, intra-team competitions, and league games allowed for both low and moderate-risk sporting activities. Scrimmage, intra-team competitions allowed for high-risk sporting activities.

LOW <25 cases/100K/14 days AND <5% positivity (NFHS Phase 4)
• Scrimmage, intra-team competitions, and league games allowed for low, moderate, and high-risk sporting activities.

Each WIAA sport is classified into low, moderate, and high-risk categories as follows:

• Cross Country
• Golf
• Track and Field

    • Baseball
• Soccer
• Volleyball

    • Basketball


Plan & Procedures

Student-athletes will be using the weight room and the east half of the gym for workouts.  Only student-athletes, assigned coaches, and the athletic director will be allowed in the gym.  No spectators, parents, or guardians.  Current NFHS/Final Forms guidelines for participation and activity are posted in the gym and weight room.

  1.  Waiver – must be signed and on file in order to participate.
  1. Sign-Up – no drop-ins allowed. Must sign up with the Athletic office. Workout times will be in 60 – 90-minute increments.
  1. Prescreen – all student-athletes will go through a prescreen with temperature checks prior to participation at each workout time. The entrance is denied if all criteria are not met.
  1. Pods – pods of six will be maintained for athletic activity. No switching of pods during workouts. All pod members stay together during High and Moderate tiers of activity (Phase 2 & 3).
  1. Masks- Masks required for athletes/participants directly before and directly after sporting activities and strongly encouraged whenever not engaged in strenuous activity.
  1. Distancing – social distancing of 6 ft. will be maintained among athletes and coaches except when engaged in physical activity. No high fives, please.
  1. Cleaning – student-athletes will use hand sanitizer before and after touching a mask or face.
  • All equipment will be cleaned before and after use.
  • Wherever possible, the equipment will not be shared.
  • Use of locker room and restrooms will be limited and sprayed with disinfectant after each use.
  • Electro-sanitization will be done between workout days.
  1. Ventilation – gym doors will remain open during workouts and fan will be on.
  1. Violations – any violations of the rules and protocols will result in forfeiture of workout opportunities.
  1. The athletic eligibility policy for participation in Saints Athletics will be introduced so student-athletes are familiar before the beginning of the first athletic season.