Auction Procurement Ideas

Procurement Ideas for Your Inspiration

Vacations & Getaways…near or far, short or long!

  • A stay at a hotel, B&B, timeshare, cabin, ski resort or summer home
  • Theme getaways: tennis, ski, golf, guys or girls weekend, wine tasting
  • Airline mileage donations

Parties & Meals

  • Progressive dinners, ethnic dinners, catered dinners, theme dinners
  • Gift certificates to restaurants
  • Birthday parties, tea parties, painting parties, beach parties, pool parties, ice cream parties, movie night parties, family BBQ, wine tasting parties, etc.
  • Homemade foods (dessert once a month, tray of cookies, etc.)
  • Musicians for your party

Sports & Exercise

  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Fishing, skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, sailing for a day
  • Exercise and sports equipment
  • Personal trainers, massage, gym or club memberships

 Around the House & Garden

  • Kitchen and home appliances and accessories
  • Landscaping, gardening, carpentry, handyman expertise or labor
  • Tools for shop, lawn and garden, etc.

More Ideas

  • Books, electronics, music, artwork, jewelry, movies, etc.
  • Theme baskets: Chocolate lovers, bath/spa, stationery, food, date night, kitchen; movies, etc.
  • Tickets/passes to theaters, ballets, operas, symphonies, museums
  • Babysitting or pet sitting services, cooking, sewing or knitting lessons

 How to Procure Donations and Sponsorships

Everyone is a potential donor, sponsor or both. Consider asking your employer, local businesses, professional friends, and family members to donate. Each has valuable skills or products that can be procured for our auction and some may be pleased to just write a check!

Be practical. Consider procuring items that you would like to bid on. Think about obtaining donations from those businesses you have supported over the years.

Be prepared and make contact. Keep procurement forms in your car. Organize a list of prospects – places you frequent, past donors, friends, etc. – and then work that list.

Follow up is key. Make a quick in-person visit or phone call to let potential donors/sponsors know we look forward to their support. Make sure to get a completed form for every donation or sponsorship.

Deliver donations to SLHS as soon as they are procured. For tangible items or gift certificates, securely fasten the procurement for to the item and drop off in the main office.

Say “Thanks!” SLHS will send a thank you note and tax receipt to all donors and sponsors, and we encourage you to personally thank your contacts too.


How to Fill Out Procurement Forms

Procurement forms are on the website and in the main office.

Provide accurate, complete and detailed donor and item information. Describe color, size, contents, and material as appropriate. Include all restrictions on services, travel, and accommodations. Include the value of the item.

Press hard; it is a multiple form. The yellow copy is for the donor and the white copy should be turned in with the donation, along with any promotional materials.

Deliver the completed form to the main office by October 17, 2014.

Thank you!!