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Summer Reading 2018

What: In our mission to build community we invite you to read the award-winning The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas with your family this summer.  This YA novel was chosen by our Humanities department over the Spring semester and they are sure you will enjoy it as much as they did.  The Hate U Give serves to unite us as a student body when we convene in the fall.  We will talk about it in classes and draw upon it throughout the year as well.


Why: Seattle Lutheran High School is committed to helping its students become lifelong learners. In order to achieve this, students must be ready to pursue their education both inside and outside of the classroom. Reading not only helps students maintain skills they already have but also helps students excel in the year to come. While it is mandatory for every Seattle Lutheran High School student to read one* book for their Summer Reading Project, we encourage your student to read more than just one book this summer. It will have a positive (and lasting!) effect on his or her future.


Instructions for this summer: Read Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give. While you are reading, flag or underline ten significant passages that stand out to you. There will be a follow-up assignment on the book during the first week of school in September, so you must have your copy of the book with you when you arrive at school. SLHS will provide a copy for every student. 

Our community is made up of diverse views, and this is an attempt to allow all of us to share our views, agree and disagree, grow and learn.  However, please be advised that this novel contains mature themes as well as language some may find objectionable.  To learn more about the book, follow these helpful links:

Good Reads


Email English teachers if you have questions.  Meredith Zandi, Jen Foster, and  Peter Wilson

More information on our criteria for selecting literary works can be found here.

If there is some reason you wish for your student to be given an alternative assignment, please click here.

Happy reading!

Summer Reading for Students Entering AP English 12

Please read one of the following selections.

Charlotte Brontë                     Jane Eyre

Cormac McCarthy                 All the Pretty Horses


Complete the Summer Annotations:  Read one of the novels and annotate the text with your analysis and commentary. Pay attention to the literary elements listed below to guide your annotations. Submit a document with annotations, sticky notes, or screenshots of notes from an e-book.

Literary Elements

Jane Eyre

Analyze the social, cultural, and historical significance of the various settings to deepen comprehension of Jane Eyre and how setting reinforces the developments in characters, plot, and themes.

Analyze how plot developments produce psychological dilemmas for the main characters.

Analyze how the relationship between Jane and other characters portray both the complexity of the characters as well as Jane’s psychological development.

Analyze how multiple characters acting as narrators, each with a limited and possibly unreliable perspective, influence the interpretations of events, characters, and themes.

All the Pretty Horses

Analyze how All the Pretty Horses fits the pattern of a quest novel, and the movement of the main character from innocence to experience.

Analyze the effect that specific literary devices, including foreshadowing and symbolism, have on specific passages and how they operate within the context of the novel as a whole.

Analyze the different roles and functions that characters play in the novel and how the relationships among character actions, dialogue, thoughts, and feeling portray nuances of complex characters and advance the narrative.