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Service is an important part of the SLHS experience. Students and teachers participate in an annual all-school service day before Christmas in addition to projects completed by students during the school year.

One component of our core values is Community Service. This component reminds us that God, surrounded by others to care for and share Christ’s love through actions, places us all in a community. This is an opportunity for our young adults to begin preparing their hearts for giving their time and effort to others. A student may arrange their own service work. We will be posting opportunities below, in the Sunday email, and on Schoology as they become available. We are proud of our young people and their servant hearts.

Community Service project:

  •    Freshmen: 15 hours and a service project.
  •    Sophomores: 25 hours and a service project.
  •    Juniors: 35 hours and a service project.
  •    Seniors: 60 hours and Senior Project

A project is required to be turned into the school. This semester project should include:

  1. What was the purpose of your service work?
  2. Explain your goal(s) for volunteer work?
  3. How have you benefited from volunteering?
  4. How have others benefited from your volunteer work?

Students may choose one of the following for their project:

  1. One page essay
  2. 2-minute video
  3. 8 Slide PowerPoint

Please submit projects through the Schoology course Community Service. Projects are due by May 15, 2021.

How do I submit my hours?

Login to Gradelink as a parent.  Click service hours on the left side, click student, add an entry, put in the date, hours, description, supervisor (Jeanne Davis), and add entry. If you have any questions regarding submission, please call the office at 206-937-7722.



Local community service opportunities near you.

Match your passion and ability to service:
Volunteer for parks in the area: 


Seattle Area Community Service Opportunities

Organization Guidelines/restrictions General volunteer timeframes Sign up method/Getting started
West Seattle Foodbank

3419 SW Morgan St, Seattle, WA 98126

Ages 16+ M-F (8:30 am -3:pm) shifts available Volunteer intake form (1 time): 

1-time Orientation: Occurs every Monday at 1 pm via Zoom or contact Marley to arrange:

WS Clothesline

4425 41st Ave SW,

Seattle, WA 98116

Ages 15+ Tues-Thurs


(same Volunteer intake form as WS Foodbank)
White Center Foodbank

10829 8th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98146

Ages 14+ Mon- (11:30-4:30pm)

(Wed, TH, Friday 9:30 am-2:30 pm)

2nd and 4th WED– (3:30 pm-7:30 pm)

Volunteer application (1 time):

To coordinate a shift in advance contact Margarita:

-one-time parent consent form needed.

Food Lifeline

815 S 96th St, Seattle, WA 98108

(South Park)

Ages 14 + (ages 14-15 must have 1 adult per 5 youth). Sort and repack- 2-hour shifts are available 9 am-4:30 pm)

Evening shift on Wednesdays is opening starting Nov. 18th: 6 pm-8:30 pm

Create a user profile and must schedule shifts ahead online:

-a, one-time parent waiver form is required for all youth.

Welcome Table

(hosted by Westside Internet Faith Network)- @ Body of Christ Church outdoors, 1320 SW 102 St, Seattle 98146

Ages 14+ Saturdays, 12-2 pm.  Arrive at 11:45 am. -You can show up to help pass out needed hygiene items or food to those in need every Saturday 12-2 pm. Or a group can sign up ahead to provide the meal for a weekend:, Under “find” section and “family name”, type WhiteCenter (no space) and the password is 2020.
Mary’s Place

Not accepting in-person volunteers during COVID-19 but are offering a variety of creative distant opportunities.

View calendar on Volunteer Hub. The Story Telling Challenge is a great contactless project to benefit children! Select a favorite children’s book and make a recording of yourself reading a story:

To sign up for various remote options: