Faith Development


Seattle Lutheran High School provides

a Christ-centered and student-focused environment

that equips young people in their educational and spiritual journeys

to be servant-leaders in the world.


 God is love.

God’s love continually calls, renews, redeems and restores us. As a result, God’s love guides, directs, and compels all that is accomplished here at Seattle Lutheran High School. The characteristics of a good school—academic excellence, athletic opportunity, artistic expression, personal growth—are reflections of the grace of God and occasions for that grace to be shown. Each student, precious in the sight of God, is also precious to our school community. Students are recognized as unique and valuable persons cherished as children of God.

This school year our theme is “Know It, Grow It, Show It.” This theme confirms our commitment to know God’s love, grow God’s love and show God’s love both in our school and the greater community.