SeaBot Robotic Team

SeaBot Robotic Team to compete in FIRST World Championships in St. Louis!Robotics team

Seattle Lutheran High School Robotics Team, one of the oldest continually active teams in the state – Team SeaBot – spends their spare time building and programming their robot for competitions in the Pacific Northwest. Beginning in January each year, they are led by Mr.Norton, Mr. Loeliger and a cadre of dedicated volunteers who help the students with the marketing, programming, and building teams and the human players who control the robot during competition.  Team SeaBot enjoys success at competitions, earning final-round seats at each competition.


Thank you to the following supporters for their help getting the SeaBot Team to the FIRST World Championships!38

Alaska Airlines, Lisa Williams, Egbert Hendriks, Charis Armstrong, Kolleen Smith, Samantha Turner, Ross Comer, Kenneth Norton, Lisa West, Darlene Jevne, Leon Holman, Pam Massey, Envision, Corie DeMers Broga, Fawn Michel, Greta Thode, Jennifer Witsoe, David and Lois Brumberg, Mike and Carol Silhan, Alan Koslow, John Goodfellow, John Kottcamp, Cora Edmonds, Hamilton Gardiner, Paul Milliken, Shirley Wilson, Tim and Cynthia Fay, John Kottcamp, Roselyn Newton, John and Shawne Lidstrom, Lance Corbin, Lucy Kuhn, Daniel Pitterman, Rob Christian, Jason Grotelueschen, Kelly Gorman, Robert Christian, Kelly Gorman, Neysa Pranget, Darryl Pahl and Lisa Ondrejcek, Lisa Jasper, Jennifer Lulow, Jeff and Mary Norton, Pete and Becky Jones, Tahzoo, Valerie Reid, Angie Dixon, Darren and Julie Walsh,Michelle Steen, L. Paul 43Zankich, Kristin Tarabochia, Sherman Alexie and Diane Tomhave, Molly and Ted Schuehle, Kevin and Jeannette Wartelle, Nora Maher, Auto Buff, Inc., Alan Hardwick, John Keckemet and Jeanne Flohr, HARBOR INSURANCE, Jill Cook, Dan Sweet, Hannah Norton, T. Maenad Widdershins, Judith Gorian, Kevin Moseley, Genevieve Keckemet, Shirley Vradenburgh, Edward and Edie Wartelle, SLHS Boosters, Randy and Paula Gardiner, Jonathan and Laurie Fischer


If you are interested in getting involved with the Robotic Team, please contact Jeff Norton, Robotic Team Advisor, or call 206.937.7722 for more information.