A Message from Mr. Candelario, As I walk down the hallway of Seattle Lutheran early in the morning, I try to remember my high school experiences and what it was like growing up back in the day.  What were […]

Key Club

A message from Tim Caudle. Lev Vygotsky was a Russian psychologist who came up with a theory known as the “Zone of Proximal Development.” Essentially what Vygotsky argued was that each student needs to be a little uncomfortable to […]

SLHS Math Team Success

  The Seattle Lutheran Math Club competed in a math contest at Rainier Christian High School on Valentine’s Day. Christian Faith High School also was in the contest with Rainier Christian. SLHS had two JV teams (freshmen and sophs) and […]

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Spring Drama Production

  This spring, SLHS Drama is proud to welcome guest director Garth Ball, Class of 2014, for William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors!  Garth will be directing this play in order to complete his honors requirements for his theatre degree […]

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

What: Trip to Ashland, Oregon, to visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival When: We do not have exact dates yet because we need to decide exactly what plays to see.  The five-day trip will take place sometime between Monday, June 11th, and […]

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"To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." - Aristotle