Nicole White

Nicole W

Nicole White is a native of Seattle, WA.  Nicole received her B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University, and is professionally certified as an Educational Therapist by the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).  Nicole has used this training and her extensive 1-on-1 work with students with learning differences to create a dynamic Student Support Services Program here at Seattle Lutheran.  This is Nicole’s 12th year in specialized education, and she endeavors to help guide all students on their unique journey towards self-awareness and self-advocacy.  Nicole works directly with students with executive function deficts (ADD/ADHD) within the Task Management Program.  She also oversees the Tier 3 program for students with specific learning disabilities.  Nicole works closely with classroom teachers to coordinate accommodations, assess needs, and monitor each student’s progress.  Nicole is passionate about helping students identify and manage their learning obstacles so they can develop tools to reach their full potential.



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