Spring Drama Production



This spring, SLHS Drama is proud to welcome guest director Garth Ball, Class of 2014, for William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors!  Garth will be directing this play in order to complete his honors requirements for his theatre degree from Seattle University.

Over two decades ago, husband and wife Egeon and Emilia had identical twin sons in an unfamiliar land. As if by fate, that same day a poor beggar gave birth to identical twins, whom Egeon purchased to be companions to his sons. On the ship back home, however, the new family was separated by a terrible storm; each parent was left with one son and one servant. Fast-forward 23 years, and now Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse are looking for their long-lost brothers. Unbeknownst to either pair of twins, they’ve nearly found one another in the town of Ephesus, where the other Antipholus and Dromio have made their home. Hilarity ensues and error runs amok as the Syracusans twins encounter the family and friends of the Ephesian twins, leading to mistaken identities that result in confusion, romance, theft, arrests, and general mayhem!


Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors is a story about characters who lose, confuse, and regain their identities in an enticing but eerie, morally suspect city. This production will be set in an era evocative of the 1920s, in a prosperous seaport city filled with ostentatious wealth, lively jazz, seedy characters, zany antics, and the mafia.

Friday, April 27th at 7:30 pm

Sunday, April 29th at 2:30 pm


Adults $5

Kids 7-14 $2